Direct and distant clearings and harmonization – spiritual and life counselling

Since more than 10 years Kate is counselling and helping people unlock their fears, life crises, career issues, blocks to prosperity and abundance on all levels, relationship help and blocks in any aspect of life.
Emotional, physical, mental and spiritual memories of past lives, which are still
present in this life and blocking your wellbeing are removed making space for a more conscious and fulfilled life.
If you have decided to change your life for the better, then Kate can facilitate with life counselling & direct/distant sessions, healing the steps towards a life filled with abundance and harmony on all levels.

Geographical distance is not important as harmonization sessions will be done through Skype.
You can contact Kate via:
tel: +52 1 (984) 173 6080

*Sessions with Kate are guaranteed, personal and confidential.

Other services:

Clearing and closure for those who have crossed to the other side. Help their soul find the light. This is important for people who left the earth plane in difficult conditions like shock, injury or extreme conditions.

Clearing the geoptahic stress of land, your house, furnishing, objects. Geopathic stress influences your wellbeing and health, also your business. Issues can be located in the soil or in the walls. Energies of previous owners can still be present in the place and affect the new owners negatively.

Clearing the programs attached to your chakras: a life changing experience.

Guidance for major life changes e.g. career changes, moving to another state/country, relationships.

Clearing of all aspects of financial, businesses, abundance, prosperity, buying or selling a house.


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What people say about Kate’s Harmonization sessions

I found the Chakra clearings quite empowering, the process helped me identify with some issues that needed to be addressed and released/transformed.
Jonathan – Uk

One month ago a facial paralysis and the impossibility of moving my tongue took me to the hospital. I had a cerebral stroke with two clots. My daughter asked me if i agreed to have a Harmonization from Kate, accepting was the best decision. She checked by long distance mi vital organs, relationships, other lives and my soul information, also found programs. She cleared and Harmonized all these. The next day I could almost speak normally. I understood that the physical layer is not the only one that conform us. I´m very happy to know this because it saved my life. Few people overcome a cerebral stroke without any sequels. I am very happy I can live my life normally.
Thank you so much Kate!

Héctor, 71 years old- Mexico City.

I’m 20 years old and had already a lot of baggage to carry from my childhood. The
harmonization sessions gave me the chance to know myself better. They also freed me
of the issues that blocked my personal evolution. I realise today that we unconsciously
pick up negative things during our life with the consequence that we make bad
choices and then suffer. These sessions made me aware of the importance of
continuously working on myself. Thanks to the clearings I’m able to look at myself, my
actions, and to what’s going on in the world in a more intelligent way. My perception
has changed for the better.

Ana – Germany

It’s always a pleasure working Kate. I’ve had a few clearings with her so far and every
time I feel refreshed, vibrant, and full of life-force energy. I highly recommend her
services to anyone looking to clear blockages or just simply wanting to reset the
energy levels in their energy field. I look forward to working with her again in the
future and will continue to recommend her to my friends and family.

Athen – – USA

More than a year ago, we decided to sell our house and we had contacted a lot of
agencies without success. We became very frustrated and even hopeless. We heard
about Kate’s harmonization sessions and we decided to give it a try. She cleared the
house and the contract linked to it, and also removed our despair and all negativity
and memories attached to the house. A week later we got visits from interested
We are very happy and look forward working with her again.

Amalia and Hugo – Mexico City

Quelques mots pour te remercier pour le clearing.
J’ai compris pourquoi une situation de vie difficile semble se reproduire
continuellement malgré la bonne volonté que l’on déploie pour avancer dans l’autre
sens. Lorsque les racines de cette situation sont éradiquées, l’on est envahi par
L’on ne doute plus du sens que l’on a choisi pour vivre sa vie. Tout s’éclaire, l’énergie
est de nouveau au top, l’on danse et chante en se levant le matin.
Merci à toi et à tes bons soins.

Nicole – Belgium

My parents, both in their 80’s, were having a very difficult time both physically and
emotionally moving home from one state to another. Kate was able to help them cope
with the challenges – most importantly, she was able to identify the obstacles – and I
saw the effect of her work on my parents almost immediately.

Melinda – USA

I contacted Kate because I was emotionally stuck and full of anxiety. These blocks
impacted negatively my health, my relationships and my job. She helped me to get
rid of deeply rooted issues and her sessions allowed me understand these blocks and I
was able to move on in my life. It’s almost a month since I had the clearing and my
anxiety and depression are gone. I’m finally able to relax and feel in harmony with
life and myself.

Erika – Playa Del Carmen – Mexico

My girlfriend and I were going down the path and I thought our relationship was over.
I decided to try a harmonization session of our relationship and I couldn’t believe how
things changed rapidly in a positive way. Many issues were found and removed and I
understand now how much I was part of the discordances with my partner. I approach
life and relationships with more awareness now. Thank you.

Nico – USA

Working as a therapist since many years and having treated thousands people, I was
impressed by the comprehensive report of Kate’s energy work done on me; it was
fast, to the point, professional, and detailed. I would recommend her sessions to
anyone in search of a fuller life.

Kirk –

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